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Domestic Tree Surgery

We are fully trained, equipped and insured to serve both private residential and commercial customers. Most of our work is carried out in the towns local to our base in Hildenborough, Kent (Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, London, Essex), however we are happy to provide a quotation for work in any location.  We specialise in the following operations, plus more:

Domestic Tree Surgery: Services

Tree Maintenance

We offer a range of tree maintenance services as required. We are frequently asked to remove deadwood, complete aerial inspections, crown clean to improve structure and crispen shape, and lift crowns for light and shape.


Pruning, shaping and hedge maintenance

We offer an annual or one-off hedge maintenance and tree pruning service to keep your property looking kempt and tidy. High hedges can be reduced and unruly hedges tamed.


Felling of trees where necessary

Where possible, the most economical method of tree removal is felling in one piece - sometimes this is the only safe method. Trees can be felled very accurately where necessary preventing time consuming climbing.


Crown reduction and thinning

Trees often require maintaining in proportion to their surroundings and therefore need reducing. This can be by way of thinning, a gentle crown reduction, or a pollard.



Where trees have to be removed in tight spaces, they are dismantled using rigging systems within the tree. Where access allows, our crane lorry makes removal of timber far less labour intensive.


Tree Stump Removal

Stumps can be removed to allow replanting and to prevent the spread of fungus. Our narrow access machine can access stumps in the tightest locations while our large tracked stump grinder efficiently removes stumps of all sizes where access is not a problem.

Logger cutting wood with chainsaw

Consultancy & Tree Reports

We can organise for tree consultations, surveys and reports to be carried out on your behalf.

Wood Logs

These are just some of the arboricultural services we offer. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements and we will be happy to help.

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